I'm Sorry? How old is your CHILD???

Sooo when someone asks my daughters age, my automatic response is 18 months. She's actually 19 months.....but let's be real, nobody wants to have to work out your child's age, especially if they have to count it on their fingers. I once asked a lady how old her son was at the grocery store (not that I cared, was just making small talk as she was talking to my know how it is).
Well that turned out to be interesting.... Her response was
"He's 29 months"
....(crickets...on my end)
Wait...what?? I'm sorry?? He's what?? 29 MONTHS??
Ummm ok Susan ain't nobody got time to count how old your son is (me counting on my fingers...ok so 24 months is 2 then plus he's 2 years and 5 it). Why do Mum's take on this whole, let's make my kid sound young by using months, but in reality the kids already got a 5 o'clock shadow. No offense to all you Mummas who do this, I get it, it's your baby, you want them to remain your baby by counting their age by months. This isn't a dig (kinda is) it's just a mere observation on my part.
In my opinion once the kid is OVER 18 months, there are 2 options when asked their age, particularly by a stranger. First option: They are "18 months" making them younger than they are...possibly making them look more advanced for their age...added bonus. Or second option: "Almost 2". None of this 19,20,21,22 months stuff. It's just crazy to me.
Even now my daughter being "19 months" I will usually say, she'll be 2 in December, end of discussion. If the person wants to waste 2 mins of their life counting how many months she my guest. I guess it's a personal preference, but for me, having to do a complete mathematics lesson, just to figure out your child's age....doesn't work. I know it's simple math but come on...really?? Anyway that's my take on the matter, so I'll get back to watching Frozen and I'm sure I'll find something else enthralling to blog about next time.
Yours truly the 353 month old Mumma (how's that for Maths...)